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Welcome to our VR blog, like most VR blogs we give the latest updates on VR technology and games. On our VR blog, we also give you top VR videos and newsletters, which are delivered to your email, when you sign up by subscribing using your email address. Our VR blog is one of the top VR blogs that provides you with reviews on VR and up to date news on VR, AR, and MR tech. we will be providing you with 5 VR slots you can play and earn real money on our VR blog.

The Differences Between VR And AR

As we know that VR and AR are great ways by which technology has enhanced the way we see the world. Both terms are a bit confusing, with some people thinking that they are the same. This is why on our VR blog, we would be looking at the difference between VR and AR. First, we must understand what VR stands for and what AR stands for.

AR known as Augmented Reality is defined as an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to include digital information to an image. Augmented reality is seen in apps of smartphones and tabs. The AR apps make use of your phone’s camera to display the real world in front of you with layers of information that includes text or images. There are plenty of games and apps that make use of AR. Most apps make use of AR for the fun. An example of such an app is the Layar app.

VR known as Virtual Reality is the use of technology to produce a simulated environment. When making use of VR, VR gives you completely different reality from the one you are present. The best part of VR is that you can move up, down, and sides of the environment you are in. VR is an artificial reality that is either photographed or an actual place put into a virtual reality app. Virtual Reality allows you to explore places you have never been to before. You can view virtual reality through a special VR viewer example includes Oculus Rift. You can use your phones, VR apps such as google cardboard or Daydream View.

VR/AR News

Microsoft has announced the release date for Minecraft Earth AR Sandbox Mobile game 29th of September.

Youtube Sensations SokrispyMedia launched a VR Film Series on its channel in junior high on the 28th of September 2019

Verizon acquired the entire of Jaunt XR’s AR Technology on the 30th of September 2019.

Photo-Realistic VR Tour of the Palace of Versailles is now available for free on stream VR.

The Future Of Entertaining And Gaming

The future of the entertaining and gaming society knows no bounds with the VR and AR technology. It would not take long for the entertainment industry to fully incorporate AR and VR as an everyday consumption. The technology is not perfect yet but the technology is fast becoming one that is commercially acceptable for entertainment.

With the gaming industry making bold advancement in the gambling world, VR and AR have been incorporated into most online casinos and legal casinos, thereby giving their customers the utmost satisfaction and reality. VR blogs are now talking about how mobile casinos and online casinos now have online VR games. This development is going to cause groundbreaking changes and development for the gambling and casino world. Although developers over time have been trying to incorporate VR into the gambling and gaming world, now it’s a success.

The gaming industry has been able to incorporate the technology such as Pokemon Go!’s that makes use of AR. Occulus or HTC Vive which makes use of VR. In the entertainment industry, the virtual reality has been long recognized with movies such as Star Trek’s holodeck and Ready Player One’s. VR give filmmakers and game designers the ability to bring to reality their visions by creating, redesigning specific environments or worlds for their viewers, gamers, and audience to enjoy.

Play VR Slots 3D On Steam

There is plenty of slots games, table (roulette, blackjack) and online poker that comes with the VR you can play from the comfort of your desktop. You can play these games, casino games, and online poker in any online casino, and legal casino. VR and AR give these casino games the awesome reality that captivates their consumers.

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  • Jack and beanstalk VR

  • Gonzo’s Quest VR

  • Starburst VR

  • Miss Midas

  • Thunderstruck II VR

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