Asia Series Bamboo
Royal Selangor® Edition
“Retired From Production”

Royal Selangor & Sheaffer

Asia writing instruments are the result of a partnership between Sheaffer and Royal Selangor, master metalsmiths whose distinctive pewter giftware is admired and appreciated by knowledgeable, sophisticated collectors worldwide. Royal Selangor has produced heirloom quality designs in pewter for more than 100 years.

Royal Selangor still manufactures its pewter products almost entirely by hand in the time-honored tradition. Original designs are drawn or sculpted by the artist, then hand etched into a master mode. Highly skilled artisans fill each production mould individually. After cooling, each piece is hand filed and polished by expert finishers to a soft, satin luster. The painstaking process gives Royal Selangor products an unrivaled elegance and grace, in a finish meant to last through time.

Both functional and ornamental, pewter adds an aura of sophistication for a classic, understated look, making the Asia Series writing instruments a truly “special” edition! The partnership between Sheaffer and Royal Selangor provides an unprecedented opportunity to own a distinctive, special edition writing instrument of unparalleled elegance and precision…

Item #14H – Limited Edition “Asia Special Series” Royal Slangor Sheaffer Special Pewter – A collaboration between Sheaffer Pen and Royal Selangor Pewter Company – This is the premier issue of the new Asia Series – Only 300 made for the United States Market – Cast of solid pewter and embellished with deeply carved Bamboo Pattern – 18kt two-tone gold medium nib – Uses a convertor filling system or a ink cartridge (comes with both) – Complete with a beautiful wood display case – Not only a beautiful collectable fountain pen that should gain in value, but a very gratifying fountain pen to write with! I enjoy mine…Sheaffer’s Full Lifetime Warranty…

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