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“The youth of a nation are the trustees of posterity”.
– Benjamin Disraeli –

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Bexley Fountain Pen
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Gaston “Bexley Salute to Lawyers”
Pen With Presentation Case.

Pearlescen Blue

Why is Gaston-Bexley Salute
to Lawyers the best?

Many fountain pens barrels and caps today are
injection molded.  This is a process that first started
during the late 1940’s.  You will find that many fountain
pens from that era and some of the more famous German
pens made this way.

Using this means of making the barrel and cap, causes
stress when the material is cools down.  This is the reason
why you see some fountain pen that have cracked barrels
or caps.  One very well known German fountain pen is well known
for having such problems.

Gaston-Bexley is made using precession machining, thus no
stress…and…no cracks.  This is the reason that you still
find many early fountain pens in excellent condition.

Injection molding a faster and cheaper means of making
the barrel and cap…HOWEVER such is not better.

The old way is the best…injection molding is fine
for some things, cheap fountain pens, *give away* ball points, etc.
Fountain pen barrels and caps is not one of them.

Gaston-Bexley is precession machined…simply because
we want to offer you a fountain pen that is the best.

We produced 100 of the Gaston-Bexley pens…our
goal was to produce the best.  If we wanted to produce
volume, then we could have had such made in Asia.

Instead we took the hard way, which is the best way.

Over 100 years ago the fountain pen was invented.
Innovations came rapidly and fountain pens soon
became attractive, reliable writing tools.
The “golden age of fountain pens” had begun.

The Gaston “Bexley Salute to Lawyers
” Limited Edition is a return to that era.

Howard Levy, of Bexley pens, and Jim Gaston have asked
each other from time to time why
are some fountain pens of today are not
equal to the “golden age”.

The Gaston “Bexley Salute to Lawyers” is equal to in every way”
to the pens of the “golden age” !

Both Howard and Jim are VERY avid collectors of pens from the “golden age”.  The
Gaston “Bexley Salute to Lawyers” was a very enjoyable
labor of love for a the very best fountain pen.

They are VERY proud that the Gaston “Bexley Salute to Lawyers”
pen has been designed and made with that same special love for fountain pens
that only true fountain pen collectors have.  This is not a “big corporation” project;
this is the result of two avid fountain pen users’ and collectors’.

A fountain pen that you will use with pride, one that you will pass
on to your children or grand children.  As the with the “golden era pens,” it
will still be providing excellent service a hundred years from now.

No cost was spared in the crafting of the 14kt handcrafted nib…each Gaston “Salute to
Lawyers” pen features the world famous Bexley nib, which is handcrafted by the
third generation of family nib makers in Germany.  This is not a mass produced, stamp
out nib!

Is the Gaston “Bexley Salute to Lawyers”
a fountain pen for everyone? NO!

It’s only for those like Howard and
Jim that enjoy only the very best.

Bexley Fountain Pen
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Solid 10kt Gold Hand Made
Pocket Clip…Never Any Concern
About “brassing”


Solid 10kt Gold was selected becauseBexley Fountain Pens - Jim Pen Sitesuch providesthe strongestpocketclip. 14kt or 18kt gold would be too “soft” to offer a lifetime of service.

Bexley Fountain Pen
The Gaston “Bexley Salute to Lawyers” offers you the choice of the world’s
very best solid, 14kt, yellow-gold nib, with a choice of fine, medium, broad and stub.
They also provide scroll work and platinum decoration.

The Gaston “Bexley Salute to Lawyers”
pen uses international size ink cartridges
or can be filled from bottled ink.

The Gaston “Bexley Salute to Lawyers” features only the finest nib.  They are made by the
same family that has been making nibs for some of the most well known and popular
fountain pens from Germany since the 1930’s.  These nibs are made to the highest standards
of any fountain pen nib offered in the world!

You have a choice of
fine, medium, broad
and for the first time stub nib.

As avid pen collectors, Howard and Jim are proud to offer what
is, without any doubt, one of the finest fountain pens to be offered in years.
The Gaston “Bexley Salute to Lawyers” heritage is that of the “golden era”;
a fountain pen that will be give you excellent
service for years to come.

There is no doubt that in 100 years or more, someone will still be using a
Gaston “Bexley Salute to Lawyers,” and collectors’ will have such
pride within their collection.

At this time, there are only 100Gaston “Bexley Salute to Lawyers”
 being offered world wide, with one additional prototype;
which is in Jim’s personal collection.

“My sincere thanks to Howard Levy for the many hours of work creating
a truly EXCELLENT fountain pen.  I am sure that you will share our pride if
you elect to purchase a Gaston “Bexley Salute to Lawyers”.

Our goal was to re-create a fountain pen that is equal to the best of the “golden era”
[which I say with pride, we have met our goal],
not to create a fountain pen for the mass market.

 This fountain pen was created for folks, like Howard and myself, that
love and enjoy only the best of writing instruments”.

Bexley Fountain Pen

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“Howard and Jim…I have no idea how you two did it…the color is simply out
of this world.  I have NEVER had a fountain pen that so many people
have commented on how beautiful it is. R.H., FL 

“Jim, the pens arrived in great shape today. The Bexley/Gaston is a great
pen – great color and feel. I’ll be back to order some more Bexley’s from
you soon. Thanks again, Pat” 

“Jim, I am not a pen collector…I guess I am more a fountain pen user and love such. Of the two dozen
or so pens that I own the Bexley/Gaston is the BEST”
G.A.J. – Washington, D.C. 

“I never thought that I would give up my Montblanc.  The beauty, balance and excellent nib;
has made me retire my Montblanc.  Montblanc needs to hire Howard and you…the best
fountain pen I have every used or owned!”
Judge Williamson – Texas  

“When the Bexley Salute to Lawyers pen arrived today I was stunned.  This pen
is absolutely luminous .  The beauty alone make me glad I own it. Needless to say
the rest is a delight as well.  The easy feel and weight, the perfect Bexley nib.
Thank you for making such a treasure available.”
C.M, – MD

The pens arrived today and they are just gorgeous, even more than I expected them to be!!
I love the translucent bodies, the beautiful nibs, and 10K gold clips.
B.B. – Utah

It is here ! I am so PLEASED, color, balance, and nib are EXCELLENT.
J.S. Williams – New York

Howard and Jim’s first
“return to the golden era” pen was the
Bexley/Gaston Caduceus.  It is now sold out,
and is already a prime collectors pen.



Jim Gaston


Copyright 9.27.00, 2001
Jim Gaston
1777 River Road
Lakeview, Arkansas 72642

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