Specia Legacy Copper

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With the cooperation of Sheaffer Pen Company
I have am able to offer this exclusive Sheaffer

Because of the special purchase I am able
to offer this pen at price that gives you
to opportunity to own Sheaffer famous Legacy fountain
pen. At price far below retail.

Sheaffer’s Special Edition

“Legacy Special Edition”

Total Production
of only 300
Pens World Wide

Blend of 1950’s PFM
Styling and precision engineering Fountain Pen.

23kt Platted Gold Trim

23kt Gold plated spring-loaded
pocket clip

Smooth is the “word” for the Sheaffer exclusive solid 18kt inlaid nibs.

Handcrafted 18kt Gold Nib

Years of knowledge and skill are required to create a Sheaffer
inlayed nib. After the 18kt gold is melted, poured, and rolled
into sheets, each nib is formed, shaped, machined, tipped
and slit to very precise tolerances to ensure years of
writing service.

The ruthenium ball tip, one of the hardest writing tips available,
is manufactured in- house by Sheaffer craftsmen to assure long
wearing, smooth writing pleasure.

Finally, each nib in individually inspected and point-set by
hand to guarantee excellence that has made Sheaffer nibs
one of the best in the world.

Sheaffer’s Full Lifetime Warranty

Brushed Copper over a brass barrel … 23kt gold plated cap and spring pocket clip.
Handmade 18kt gold inlaid nib.
Touchdown® refill mechanism that refills your
Legacy Special Edition with bottled ink easily and cleanly.
One May Use Ink Cartridges.

Total Production
of only 300
Pens World Wide
Sheaffer Special Edition Brushed Copper Legacy
23kt Gold Plated Spring Loaded Pocket Clip and Trim.
Handmade 18kt Gold Nib
Your Choice of
Fine, Medium, Broad, or Stub Nibs

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