SHEAFFER LEGACY FOUNTAIN PENS,Page 2 – Jim’s Fountain Pen Site

SHEAFFER LEGACY FOUNTAIN PENS,Page 2 – Jim’s Fountain Pen Site


“In order that all men may be taught to speak truth,
it is necessary that all likewise should learn to hear it”.
– Samuel Johnson –


Sheaffer’s Classic
The Legacy!

“Legacy Collection”

Blend of 1950’s PFM
Styling and 1990’s precision engineering Fountain Pen

23kt Platted Gold Trim – 23kt Gold plated  spring-loaded
pocket clip – Smooth is the “word” for the Sheaffer exclusive solid 18kt inlaid nibs

“New in the box”
Sheaffer’s Full Lifetime Warranty


Sterling Silver
( Sterling Silver Cap & Barrel – 23kt Gold Plated Trim & Pocket Clip – 18kt Solid Gold Inlaid Nib)

X-Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, StubRight Oblique and Left Oblique Nibs

Stub Nib aka calligraphic nib
In Europe a stub nib is referred too as calligraphic

Your Choice of
Fine, Medium, Broad or Stub Nibs

Retail $485.00
$269.89   With Out Insurance
$274.59   WITH Insurance

Mail paid In The United States

Your Choice Of Nib

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“At Sheaffer we are not competing on price but on quality”…

“The White Dot symbol underlines this. If you want something which
is a pride possession, that is pleasant to write with and says something positive about
your personality, then Sheaffer offers you these things. A pen,
like a watch, can give people a lasting impression of you”

Fountain Pen Fountain Pens Sheaffer
Nice Comments

“My sterling silver Legacy arrived a few days again.  To say I am pleased is
an understatement.  Of all my Sheaffer’s both vintage and model my new
Legacy is my choice of all.  Regards, Danny S. – WA

“Simply the best fountain pen I have every owned!!!, Robert…

“Thanks for the great pen! I got the silver stub Legacy a few days ago, and have been using it regularly.
The nib is just as smooth and responsive as some of my Italian pens that cost a gazillion times more.”, Brad…

“Had a chance to ink and write with the Legacy yesterday and today. Great pen. I love it. Probably the smoothest pen
I have written with in 20 years. thanks again for recommending it.”

“I got the Legacy (with a stub nib) this morning at the post office, dipped it and was amazed at how smooth it wrote. I
had to fill it with ink and give it a workout.” – “I can’t remember when I was so excited about how a pen wrote. I appreciate your recommendation.”, Gary…

“What a joyful fountain pen the Legacy is. It feels and writes beautifully!”, Rich…

“The stub nib was “everything” that you said it would be, smooth with a very broad stoke”, Andrew…


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