Snoopy Visits Colorado 9.2.00

Snoopy Visits Colorado 9.2.00


Snoopy Travels

Travels of Snoopy

Missouri – Kansas – Colorado
September 2nd through 10th, 2000

“Laughing At Our Mistakes Can Lengthen our Our Own Life…
Laughing At Someone Else’s Can Shorten It!!!”
– James Baldwin –

Snoopy Travels

It’s Saturday…So, Snoopy
takes time out for a bath.

Snoopy Travels
Snoopy Travels


Snoopy Travels

Camels in Kansas ! oh, well is was 110°

I have no idea why they are here; however if you would like one
the price is $7,000 each FOB.

Snoopy Travels

Snoopy takes some time off just
to visit with a *old timer* at Goodland, Kansas.

The *old timer* told Snoopy about the good old days
before, automatic transmissions and air condition.

After their visit Snoopy said that he was not
sure that the good old days, were really that good.

* * *
Reference Links:
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Kidder Massacre – July 1867

* * *

Snoopy Travels

Snoopy visited with a *working four wheeler*,
the more Snoopy thought about it the less he
liked the idea of working !

Snoopy Travels

I took a break for lunch.

Snoopy visited with John Deer, a local fellow that has
a lot a family in the Goodland, Kansas area.

When we got back on the road, Snoopy ask about John’s
tires.  I told Snoopy folks wear different clothes, shoes,
etc. in different parts of the country.

Snoopy made a big deal out of John’s shoes…I told Snoopy to
forget about it and just enjoying the country side.  He was
making a big deal out of nothing.

Snoopy said ok, but he still did not like John’s shoes.

Snoopy Travels


Clark and Jim meet up at Georgetown, Colorado.
Clark from Little Rock, rode his Harley from Washington
state.  Jim drove Snoopy from north Arkansas.

This was the start of our three trip to the high country
of Colorado from Georgetown to Fairplay to
Leadville to Eagle and back to Georgetown.

99% of our three day trip was made via jeep trails…very
little time was spent via improved roads.  For this trip blacktop or
improved roads of any type was avoided!

Snoopy Travels

Downtown Georgetown, Colorado
Most were still in bed as we leave town for
the *high country*.

In a few more hours Georgetown will be packed
with visitors…for now all is VERY quite.

* * *

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Georgetown, Colorado

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Georgetown, Colorado – History – Mining

* * *

Snoopy Travels

Alpine Firehouse, Georgetown

Fire was a MAJOR concern for all towns during
the 1800’s and early 1900’s.  All of the mining towns that
know of, burned to the ground one or more times.

The reason for such was that the first towns where constructed
of wood and built *fast* as one would expect with a boom town.  Due
to poor construction, lack of a fire protection system…it was only
a matter of time, when the entire town would burn to the ground.

After such, people would rebuild using stone, brick, etc…and of
course set up some kind of fire protection.  Folks then, like now
had to learn the *hard way*!

Most of the gold and silver mining towns, had a very short life.
There was the boom time, that lasted five or so years.  Then
once the ore started to give out, these town dried up.

The citizens and miners would move on to the next boom town.  Many towns like
Georgetown set more or less dormant for years, until tourism made such towns
of historical interest.

Many of these towns still have active mining when the price of gold reaches
a market price of $300.00 per oz.  There are still many folks that try
and make a living mining gold, silver, etc.

Very few do much more that make a meager living doing so…there
it always someone looking the great vein of gold or silver.

Today is no different that it was 100 or 150 years ago…the ones that
make money are the ones selling supplies to the miners.

The best way to make a million dollars gold mining is to
start with two million dollars!!!

Snoopy Travels

Looking east towards Georgetown.

The area with in the *red* will give you an idea
why fire burned the towns down.  With all the building tied together
one small fire, would soon take the entire town.

Snoopy Travels

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